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FDS Band

FDS Mystery Merch Box (LIMITED)

FDS Mystery Merch Box (LIMITED)


We are releasing an extremely limited (seriously, 50 of each box) run of mystery merch boxes to help support our upcoming EP!

They are STACKED with exclusive swag, T shirts, Signed items (can't tell you what yet :P), Hand made items, Other apparel / accessories

And stuff you can get ONLY if you grab one of these!

If you were to buy each item in these boxes separately you’d be spending at least twice as much - but we need your support so we are packing them to the brim!

*** Let's talk about the Golden Ticket***

In one of the deluxe, and one of the standard boxes will be a "golden ticket"of this ticket will get to choose between one of 3 prizes.

Fly you to LA to be in our next music video
Crew Pass To Festival Of Your Choice - You'll get a crew pass from us for whichever festival we are playing that you'd like to attend! You'll get backstage access as long as we do!
Shopping Spree - We will get you 10 items from our merch store - FREE

What is the difference between the "standard" and "deluxe" versions? The number of items included! Both boxes are guaranteed to have at least double their value in merch inside. Every box comes with a shirt, hand written thank you letter, and additional items. The deluxe boxes have 3-4 additional mystery items than the standard box
How will you know what size shirt to include? PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT BOX AT CHECK OUT. Deluxe/M = A deluxe box with medium merch items. Standard / 2XL is a deluxe box with 2XL merch items

How long does it take to get the box once I have ordered?

These boxes are currently PRE-ORDERS, once we close the sale (September 30th 2023) we will assemble the boxes and ship them via USPS priority mail for US orders, and ground for international orders. Boxes will begin shipping 3 - 5 weeks after the close of the sale
 I don't live in the US - Can I still purchase a box? Absolutely! There is simply an additional 4100 for international shipping

**This is a PREORDER. Your box will ship between 4-5 weeks after we close the sale. The image of the box on the page is for visual purposes only, the actual box will be shipped in a USPS standard priority mail box***

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